FMR is the meeting of 4 musicians coming from very different musical universes.

Le Baron did the piano conservatory, a piano-jazz school, and studied musicology and cinema at the university. His main influences are The Herbalizer, Herbie Hancock, Amon Tobin, but also the german symphonic music. In 2014, he decides to live in Berlin to develop his electronic music production, under the name of LeBaronFMR. He’s the conductore of the band FMR.

Mr1Take learns to play the guitar on his own. Influenced by rock legends but mainly by  the brit touch (Supergrass, Oasis, Radiohead, Muse, Blur…), he likes to combine heavy riffs with melodic quiet pieces. He loves the idea of creating a global artistic project (photo, video, choregraphies etc…) with Le Baron. They are the co-founders of the band. Mr1Take will record many guitars and basses for other studio projects, and also works in TV Production.

Dj Hi-Man starts Djing in 1999, fascinated by the « scratch » techniques, especially Dj Crazes’ ones. He’s quickly involved in the hip-hop movement, and works with artists like Dj Pone. He also appears in the Triptyk hit single’s videoclip « Bouge tes cheveux ». He now appears as Dj in famous places or events (from the Tour Montparnasse to La Bellevilloise for the « Excuse My French » parties).

Matador loves to experiment. Everything. He begins with percussions, and then computers to create electronic music. He started to play as a guitarist in a band, in 1995, mostly influenced by rock. From that point, he will have several bands… He studies harmonic and jazz guitar at the conservatory. After studying at the famous « Louis Lumiere » school, he becomes a sound engineer and will work with FMR on almost all the albums. He recently joined the band as a bass player.


Nowadays FMR is Le Baron (programming), Mr1Take (guitars), Dj Hi-Man (turntables) and Matador (bass guitar). The line up delivers live the good genuine cocktail of hip-hop, classical, rock and electronic music. When not playing all together, LeBaronFMR often plays Dj sets on his own in Paris and Berlin, with tracks from « La Touche Française«  but also performs some tracks from the FMR full band’s live show.


Hoping we don’t forget anyone, FMR wanted all of the musicians who offered us the pleasure to take part in our crazy projects, to be on this page. From the beginning, we have always wanted to record as many instruments we could, and avoid using samples. That meant a lot of time and work, but also many great encounters…

… and also Marine Chagnon, Aurélien Perruchet, Ania Wozniak, Léa Dahan, Fabrice Cima, Morgane Frémaux, Thomas Rousselle, Julie Perret, Augustin Moreau, Alexis Gouot, Elise Pascal-Heuze, Laure Delescluse, Xavier Fresquet, Gwladys Lizeel-Fleureau, Christelle Pochet, Lara Fenaille, Mika Wakashiro, Maïlys Porracchia, Elsa Vernet, Stéphane, Louis, Clément, Erifili Giannakopoulou, Vanessa Nataf, Enocha, Douceline Chabord, Séverine Diem, Anne-Elise Hamel, Frédérique Michaud, Claudine Rippe, Marion Slitine, Annabelle Miaille, Philippe Altmeyerhenzien, Cécile Janicot, Anthony Hervey, Adèle Pagès, Hélène Lanternier, Patrice Quentin, « Le Choeur de Saint Léon » and « Le 7 de choeur »…