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Impressions 2 couverture 300x300

2. Impressions

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2ème vidéo de la série « Impressions »


1 Impressions

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7FMR new videos


NEW VIDEO ! Champ de blé aux corbeaux

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Here is the second video for the FMR album Renaissance. Directed by le Baron, photo by Fanny Mazoyer, dancing by Gregory Bonnault and Charlie Fouchier, scenery by Alix Cohen-Potin, stylism by Sophie Caillet.


7FMR and 8 y Media

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7FMR made a Vj show for the salsa band « 8 y media » during their concert at Le Batofar in Paris.


Cet Ephémère, the new 7FMR production

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This clip has been directed and shot following the new FMR track : Cet Ephémère. Directed by le Baron, photo by Jérôme Barbosa, stylisme and masks by Sophie Caillet.


Making of « Cet Ephemere »

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Here are a few pictures taken from the making of the upcoming production of 7FMR.


Recordings for the original soundtrack of « Naître ou ne pas être »

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Recordings in Studio Ephemere for the next 7FMR production : the short movie Naître ou ne pas être.


Videoclip by 7FMR for the song « Rennes de mes nuits »

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Rennes de mes nuits, by FMR. Discover the album here !